The emotional scars of burglary are often far worse than the financial ones. After all, most things can be replaced. What remains long after the burglary are the psychological scars because your safe space from the world no longer feels safe. These are things you can do to recover from the emotional impact of burglary and move on with the healing process.

1. Become Proactive to Prevent Future Burglaries

One of the problems with burglary is that it leaves you feeling powerless. Acting to improve security for your home and your family can be an important first step to recovering from the scars it leaves behind.

  • Install a monitored security system in your home.
  • Take self-defense classes.
  • Install extra exterior lighting around your home to light up dark spaces.
  • Upgrade your door and window locks.
  • Trim trees and bushes that may obscure doors and windows.
  • Get a dog. Not a little lapdog, but a dog that is intimidating to strangers. Bond with your dog so that it becomes protective of you.

These small things allow you to take back control after a situation that took your control away.

2. Reach Out for Help

Vanderburgh County, Indiana, residents have excellent resources available to you that can be found on the Vanderburgh County Crime Victim Resources (VCCVR) website. The website serves as a gateway to help crime victims in the area get the help you need to recover and move beyond the anger, fear, and other emotional scars these crimes leave behind. This site connects you with state resources, federal resources, law enforcement resources, charitable organizations, and advocacy groups for victims and victims’ rights.

3. Go Back to Your Normal Routine

It may be terrifying to get back to your normal daily routine after you’ve been victimized. It is the best thing you can do for the sake of your mental health. It is easier if you’ve taken certain steps to make your home safer and less attractive to thieves. But returning to your normal routine is a necessary part of the healing process.

4. Consider Counseling

If you are still struggling to move beyond the fear, anger, and the sense of violation you experienced in the aftermath of a burglary, consider getting counseling to help you process these emotions and learn coping skills so that you remain in control rather than being controlled by these emotions.

It isn’t always easy to see a path to recovering from the emotional scars of burglary. The steps above can help you retake the lost control and help you feel empowered for what life throws your way in the future.