Recovering after any fire takes time. There are emotional and physical scars to your home, your heart, and your family. Recovering after an arson attack requires even more time and assistance as you and your loved ones deal with the damage fire, smoke, and water leave behind as well as the loss of trust in humanity that occurs after an attack that is so horrific and personal. Vanderburgh County crime victims do not have to go through the healing process alone. We have recourse in place to help you with every step of the recovery process as you try to pick up the pieces of your life after an arson attack.

Vanderburgh County Crime Victim Resources Can Help

Vanderburgh County residents have help available to them through various local agencies nonprofit entities that can help you pick up the pieces as you rebuild your home, or find a new home, and try to regain your lost sense of security and normalcy after a horrific crime of this nature. Vanderburg County Crime Victim Resources, VCCVR, has made it our mission to inform you about resources available to you, your rights as a victim, and to help you get connected with the help you need and the justice you seek.

The problem with an arson attack and similar crimes is that victims often feel as though the people who attacked them in such an intimate way have more rights in all of this than they do. We want you to know that you have rights. Among your rights as a crime victim are the following:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To be notified when a person accused of a crime against you is released from or escapes custody.
  • To have your safety considered when determining the release of the person(s) accused of committing the crime.
  • To have information about the case against the person accused of committing the crime against you including the disposition of the case, the conviction of the person, the sentence of the person, and/or the release of the person.
  • To be heard in criminal proceedings, sentencing, and post-conviction decisions relating to the release of the accused.

You have other rights as well. Part of our mission is to make sure you understand that you, too, have rights. We want to connect you with groups that will advocate for your justice as you recover from an arson attack.

Local support agencies are welcome to sign up for inclusion in our directory. Once approved they are added at no cost (currently) so that victims have access to every resource possible.